During 2018’s period, APROXAR, together with a software company, has succeeded to develop a specific application, based on the company’s needs and the ways of working that this company has been developing throughout the years.

Such application has succeeded to merge various areas like: Commercialization, Production, Quality, Purchases, Administration, and Human Resources, with the main aim of optimizing time and task to execute, thus, allowing to reduce cost, simplify documenting and avoid duplication errors.

It starts from the budget/offer generation for a specific work (external/internal), which, once awarded by the client (or approved its execution in case of internal ones), it is authorized on the Intranet and documents such as Work Schedule, Master Lists of Documents to Deliver, Work Planning, Hour Distribution for every single area bound to intervene  in each project, etc.,as well as all corresponding reminder notices such as corresponding billing and collection dates, the delivery of customer satisfaction, the end-of-the-project message, etc., start to generate automatically as well as associated rates are generated, which reach completion as long as associated information is loaded during project execution.

The application also has a development that enables to track the evolution of projects and company’s goals, as well as the stated policy and risks to be faced, resulting in a tool for the Directory to make decisions taking into consideration real-time rates.

Queremos informar a nuestros Clientes que, a pesar de las restricciones derivadas de la pandemia, APROXAR S.A. mantiene su capacidad de desarrollar proyectos y suministrar equipos en cualquier país del mundo. Las puestas en marcha se pueden realizar de forma remota, gracias a sistemas de telegestión y diagnóstico a distancia comandado por nuestros especialistas.