In order to supply the demanding biodiesel market with Premium degummed crude oil, this Client has been guided in the adjustment of parameters in his process unit.

At the same time we have made recommendations to minimize the inconveniences of fouling, into the atmospheric circuit of the Solvent Extraction.


According to the changes in the Industrial complex, the steam distribution and condensate return are being redesigned.


Engineering was added to reform the biodiesel Dryer, optimizing the existing one and preparing it for a more demanding market while at a lower operating cost and environmental impact than the current one.

On the other hand, and thanks to the results obtained in the reduction of COD in L#2 of biodiesel, the implementation of a similar solution in L#1 is being analyzed.

In a Solvent Extraction of 8,000TPD, the Engineering is being carried out to incorporate an economizer that preheats solvent with the gases available from the Distillation.

For this same Client, but in another 8,000TPD Solvent Extraction unit, the performance of pumps and 6 S&T heat exchangers are being verified, because do not always remain operational.