Training Days


Within the framework of ASAGA’s training plan, we collaborate by participating in the events “Talks with specialists”, “Biodiesel workshops”, and the next “Advanced refining course”.

Government of Córdoba

We participate in the clarification of technical aspects to be considered in the new provincial law for the production of biodiesel for self-consumption.

New Clients, New Challenges


We approached the facilities of this Client in order to propose improvements in the mechanical extraction process and subsequent purification of camelina sativa oil.


We took on the challenge of improving the turpentine and rosin separation unit in the currently obtained crude resin. Based on the acquired experience, the development of Engineering for a new production unit is addressed.


We are faced with the need to adapt the chlorination of the paper pulp to be bleached, through the use of eductors. For this, we execute the basic and detailed engineering associated with said reform.