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Final heater

In Aproxar we cover all the specialties present in an engineering project and we develop global criteria services that contemplate the entire structure and adapt to the client.

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Remote attention service

Since 2015 in APROXAR we have developed remote assistance service to: Process optimization (reduction of reactants in Refineries with cases in Germany, India, Poland, Venezuela; or biofuel units in Argentina and Paraguay). To Solve quality problems (color, flavor,...

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Our Clients don’t stop, neither do we…

AOM In conjunction with the technical innovators of this Client, who once again trusts us, we work on the conceptual development of the distillations of each fraction obtained by industrial chromatography to obtain high purity tocopherol. ATANOR We are grateful to...

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Aproxar´s service front to COVID-19

Given the current situation, where the governments of the different countries are taking measures to safeguard their population from the expansion of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, at APROXAR we will abide by the regulations issued by the competent authority....

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During 2017-2018 period, APROXAR, together with a software company, has succeeded in developing a specific application to operate based on Autodesk, and, thus, meet the company’s needs according to its way of working, developed over time. The application has succeeded...

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Document Management System and Intranet

During 2018’s period, APROXAR, together with a software company, has succeeded to develop a specific application, based on the company’s needs and the ways of working that this company has been developing throughout the years. Such application has succeeded to merge...

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Sustainability in Effluent Handling in Biodiesel Units

Through the implementation of an effluent concentration system integrated to a methanol recovery system, the steam consumption has been successfully reduced, being this the equivalent to each of the systems mentioned above separately. That saving, associated with...

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Our Customers


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Queremos informar a nuestros Clientes que, a pesar de las restricciones derivadas de la pandemia, APROXAR S.A. mantiene su capacidad de desarrollar proyectos y suministrar equipos en cualquier país del mundo. Las puestas en marcha se pueden realizar de forma remota, gracias a sistemas de telegestión y diagnóstico a distancia comandado por nuestros especialistas.