Remote attention service

Since 2015 in APROXAR we have developed remote assistance service to:

  • Process optimization (reduction of reactants in Refineries with cases in Germany, India, Poland, Venezuela; or biofuel units in Argentina and Paraguay).
  • To Solve quality problems (color, flavor, high acidity problems, presence of soaps, turbidity, phospholipid content, moisture, presence of collagen and polyethylene, or residual solvent in units of Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Venezuela and Uruguay).
  • Procedures or sketch to develops repairs or “in situ” alternative parts construction (interacting with workshop or maintenance offices in Argentina, Brazil and India).

That is why this pandemic finds us working, from the first minute, elbow to elbow with our Clients.

We also implement Engineering 4.0 tools in different Sectors, to determine, through the analysis of data and indicators, what should be corrected and what parameters should be adjusted in order to improve performance, quality or operating costs.

Do you have problems into the production line? Contact us, at  APROXAR we are to help you.

Our Clients don’t stop, neither do we…


In conjunction with the technical innovators of this Client, who once again trusts us, we work on the conceptual development of the distillations of each fraction obtained by industrial chromatography to obtain high purity tocopherol.


We are grateful to this new Client for allowing us to accompany him in his challenge of generating 2,4 DCP distilled, providing him with Basic and Detailed Engineering for this future unit.

For this, a working group has been created between BIOXXAR and INGAR.


Driven by the need to improve the final quality of by-products and operating costs, BIOXXAR is working on the feasibility of incorporating supercritical processes to obtain biodiesel. For this, we also have the collaboration of PLAPIQUI personnel, who are currently conducting pilot-scale trials.


By providing remote support we were able, together with this Client, to adapt the process parameters that allowed obtaining satisfactory Cold test values ​​in sunflower oil, processing low acidity oils by cold neutralization.

On the other hand, engineering has just been completed to migrate to an online caustic soda dilution system in the cotton oil miscella refining plant.


We are remotely assisting them in the adjustment of their recently acquired soapstock splitting unit, from cold neutralization of sunflower oil.

In order to improve the working temperature in the Solvent Extraction units of soybean and sunflower seed, we have guided the Customer staff to implement adjustments in the Cooling / Drying stages, achieving important benefits not only in the residual oil content, but in the consumption of fuel both in the handling of the solid, as in the respective miscella distillations.


Once again we put ourselves at the service of this Client, with whom, thanks to the contribution of production data, and the analysis of the different process circuits, we have been able to determine the cause of problems in the vacuum systems they have in the production units of biodiesel.


We are currently providing support in virtual mode, so that this Client can increase its production capacity and stop operating with the washing stage in its Refinery.


After completing the Engineering, we are in permanent contact to assist remotely in the assembly of the new Deodorization unit.

We are currently developing piping engineering for the new raw material tank farm; as well as the expansion of the tallow Fractionation unit.

At the same time, we are available to assist the production line in different problems that arise on a day-to-day basis.

They don’t stop, neither do we.

At APROXAR we are to help you.

Aproxar´s service front to COVID-19

Given the current situation, where the governments of the different countries are taking measures to safeguard their population from the expansion of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, at APROXAR we will abide by the regulations issued by the competent authority.

From our place, we will try to mitigate the impact that the current situation has on the industry, giving support to those who continue to provide us with food and energy from their workplaces.

Technical assistance “on line”, remote mode, to solve operational problems that are registered in the production lines. One of our specialists will be available to overcome the problem via mobile phone, Skype, Team Viewer, WhatsApp and other digital services.

Technical assistance “off line”, to solve problems that occur in the production lines and may require adapting and / or reforming any part or equipment. Our technician staff will be on hand to give support by developing sketch/drawings or instructions for your local workshops or suppliers, in order to generate “on-site” spare parts, or alternative solutions, which allow you to restart your unit as soon as possible. The expertise, analysis capacity, and response speed of our staff will continue with all their potential at your service.

In this way we will reduce the delays that customs and logistics centers may generate.

Remote training, to keep updated and / or strengthen concepts of your staff. For this we can generate material oriented to a specific problem or topic

And obviously we maintain the feasibility studies, and the generation of Basic and Detail Engineering that will allows you to face new projects, reforms or extensions once the situation is normalized; being able to allocate the present time to advance in the definitions.

Together, acting responsibly, creatively, in solidarity, and abiding by the provisions that are adopted, we will can overcome this critical situation.