Engineering for Improvements


Engineering is carried out to adapt an existing tank to biodiesel storage.


We carry out the redesign and engineering of reforms in the main equipment of the Bleaching units, in order to optimize them and reduce the carry-over of reagents to the vacuum systems, and improve their process performance. Piping engineering and inclusion of solid-liquid mixers are developed.

Feasibility Studies


We have been summoned to carry out a technical due diligence report of an industrial complex in Italy, for the treatment of unconventional raw materials in order to produce biofuels.


We execute the calculation and specifications for the selection of the cold system associated with the high vacuum equipment for Deodorization.


Together with this Customer, we analyzed the feasibility of incorporating an enzymatic degumming with an eye not only on the process itself, but on its impact on the effluent to be treated.


We accompany this new Client in the selection of a technical solution for the extraction of anthocyanin from sunflower seeds, specially genetically developed to be rich in this compound.


We undertake the analysis of the system for obtaining crude glycerin and water separation, in order to minimize the organic load to the effluent system; as well as making it more sustainable both in terms of energy and water.

For this, the current 2-effect system was compared with 3-effect systems in co-current and counter-current.

New units startup


The condensate recovery circuit associated with a Solvent Extraction unit was start, thereby reducing the water and carbon footprint


With APROXAR technology, a Neutralization unit and a Deodorization unit are running; both capable to process vegetable oils and animal fats.

Customers seek to capture of new markets


We jointly developed a unit for the distillation of solvents in the purification of tocopherols obtained by industrial chromatography.


The Engineering for the upgrade of the Hydrogenation and Interesterification units, as well as the associated tank farm, begins to be carried out.

On the other hand, a membrane filter press was incorporate to improve the quality of the tallow fractions.

In addition, the storage and distribution system for N2 is evaluated and resized.

Training Days


Within the framework of ASAGA’s training plan, we collaborate by participating in the events “Talks with specialists”, “Biodiesel workshops”, and the next “Advanced refining course”.

Government of Córdoba

We participate in the clarification of technical aspects to be considered in the new provincial law for the production of biodiesel for self-consumption.

Queremos informar a nuestros Clientes que, a pesar de las restricciones derivadas de la pandemia, APROXAR S.A. mantiene su capacidad de desarrollar proyectos y suministrar equipos en cualquier país del mundo. Las puestas en marcha se pueden realizar de forma remota, gracias a sistemas de telegestión y diagnóstico a distancia comandado por nuestros especialistas.