During 2017-2018 period, APROXAR, together with a software company, has succeeded in developing a specific application to operate based on Autodesk, and, thus, meet the company’s needs according to its way of working, developed over time.

The application has succeeded in merging different activities done in the Production Area between Technical Department and Process Department, with the aim of optimizing time and tasks to execute.

The work starts to be developed from an Excel spreadsheet in which, through different links among physical properties of fluids, pipe size to be used, flow velocity limits in different fluids, etc., the full list of lines to be used in the P&ID are designed. That information is collected by AutoCad (taking each line all the properties assigned) when the P&ID is made.

Once the P&ID is finished, the link between AutoCad and Excel follows, to extract, in previously designed spreadsheets by APROXAR on the latter, all specifications of different elements of resent lines in the P&ID (ball, globe, needle, safety, bellows, etc, valves-, steam traps, orifice plates, viewfinders, transmitters (either electric or not), retentions, etc.), which are delivered to the client in individual files, with a view to be able to be as practical as possible when sending documents to suppliers which will have to quote them.

The advantage of counting on this link between AutoCad and Excel is that, should any changes be made in the P&ID, they are shown automatically in all files and linked documents, i.e., specifications and calculations are updated without the need to be made by hand or in duplicate. On the other hand, with intelligence powered applications, all elements from P&ID are guaranteed to be found in a specification unerringly, and without the need of manually checking and adding, and the consequent human error elimination.

Queremos informar a nuestros Clientes que, a pesar de las restricciones derivadas de la pandemia, APROXAR S.A. mantiene su capacidad de desarrollar proyectos y suministrar equipos en cualquier país del mundo. Las puestas en marcha se pueden realizar de forma remota, gracias a sistemas de telegestión y diagnóstico a distancia comandado por nuestros especialistas.